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About Our Services

Your Full Line Distributor

Since 1952, Butler Bros. has delivered exceptional value and the highest quality products to our customers. Our inside sales and customer service teams have combined over 275 years of service and knowledge in the machine tool and industrial supply business. Our suppliers' quality products, combined with our knowledgeable sales team, provide you with everything you need to increase productivity and lower your transactional costs.

Point of Use Vending System

Automating the supply chain through point of use dispensing systems controls inventory, manages information, and reduces costs. Automated vending machines keep track of usage, and communicate over our network to maintain consistent stock quantities, while eliminating holdups from tooling shortages.

Stockroom Management

Explore the option of a Butler employee in your tool crib. Integrated Partnerships of appropriate size benefit from a Butler On-Site Employee. Utilize your precious human resources on the shop floor where they belong. Let us staff the crib and manage your tools to better control your costs.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Allow Butler Bros. to manage your inventory on a predetermined frequency, utilizing barcode and EDI technology, reducing transactional cost and saving valuable time for you. Avoid "Red" shipping charges, consolidate purchase orders, and watch the savings add up!